Big News! PengolinCoin Announces Hardfork to Argon2d-Pengo, Releases White-Paper v2 and Receives Verified Badge From

As soon as the community voted to fork to the FPGA and ASIC resistant Argon2d-Pengo algorithm the PengolinCoin Team went to work. After preparing for the new, custom algorithm and new, and custom miner, the hardfork height was announced and set for 130,000. The hardfork countdown can be tracked at The necessary updates to the hardfork can be found on PengolinCoin’s Discord Server, in the Announcement Channel, The PengolinCoin Team didn’t stop at just working on the hardfork, we have also been working, and completed, the new White-Paper v2. You can view the new White-Paper here:!As_jNN_UGZHEllYqtWxrpStd8x7d?e=an0i3F The news doesn’t stop there! PengolinCoin has partnered with and has received it’s Verified Badge! Here are the benefits PengolinCoin receives by having a verified badge: verified badge in listing name, ability to set custom banners on Youtube videos, ability to add a custom description along with faster translations to other languages, 100% data accuracy, higher click-through-rate (CTR) always free / without charge, and ability to add relevant links. You can see PengolinCoin on by using this link: The PengolinCoin Team searches for ways to make PengolinCoin better everyday so stay tuned!

Investor, Advisor, Co-Owner of PengolinCoin

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