Exploring the Innovative Staking Mechanism of Baby PengolinCoin (BPGOK) on the Klever Blockchain

3 min readApr 25, 2024

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, the Klever Blockchain has introduced a playful yet promising memecoin known as Baby PengolinCoin (BPGOK-1OPP). This digital asset is not just another addition to the ever-growing list of cryptocurrencies; it brings with it a unique staking mechanism that could potentially revolutionize how investors interact with staking platforms.

What is Baby PengolinCoin?

Baby PengolinCoin is a memecoin that operates on the Klever Blockchain. Memecoins are typically characterized by their viral nature and community-driven value. Baby PengolinCoin, however, sets itself apart by offering tangible rewards to its holders through an innovative staking process.

Staking with Flexibe Proportional Return (FPR)

The token can be staked within the Klever Wallet, allowing holders to earn rewards. The staking mechanism employed is known as Flexibe Proportional Return (FPR), a novel approach within the Klever ecosystem. FPR is designed to provide a more flexible and proportional distribution of staking rewards.

How Does FPR Work?

When a Klever Digital Asset (KDA) is created with the FPR option, a pool is established for depositing various assets from the Kleverchain. The asset owner continuously feeds this pool. Once deposits are made, stakers of the coin can withdraw from the pool in proportion to their staked amount during the deposit period.

A Practical Example

I magine a user creates Coin A with FPR and deposits assets B, C, D, and E into their pool. A staker holding 10% of all staked Coin A would be entitled to 10% of assets B, C, D, and E deposited during that epoch, assuming they maintained their 10% stake at the time of deposit.

Eligibility for Rewards To qualify for rewards, a staker must have participated in the staking process during an epoch before the deposit. If no stakers are present during the deposit epoch, the deposited assets will not be distributed and will eventually return to the owner after 100 epochs.

The Advantage of FPR Staking

The FPR staking mechanism offers a significant benefit for asset owners. It provides an additional incentive for individuals to purchase their asset, as stakers can receive yields not only from the asset itself but also from other deposited assets.

Responsibilities of the KDA Owner Owners of KDAs with FPR must maintain transparent communication with their staking community. They are responsible for informing stakeholders about the timing, quantity, and type of assets to be deposited. While Klever does not control these deposits, it is crucial for stakers to fully understand and trust the project they are investing in.

In conclusion, Baby PengolinCoin’s FPR staking mechanism represents a step forward in the staking domain, offering a more engaging and potentially rewarding experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. As with any investment, due diligence and trust in the project are paramount for those looking to stake their digital assets.

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