1- create a new address in your wallet then give it a label (name). For example: MN1

2- send 100,000 PGO to yourself to this new address

3- wait for 15 confirmations at least then copy the TX ID of the 100,000 PGO transaction

4- login to then click on “Single deployment” (top menu) and choose PGO by clicking DEPLOY

5- on the new window, give a masternode alias (MN1, for example) then paste the Masternode Transaction ID (TxID) (the tx ID of your 100,000 PGO you’ve sent … to yourself just before)

6- a new window will appear with a big line like this :

MN1 [2a02:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx::xx]:33001 7tbJZxxxxxxxxxx6Gkz2zBZjjdZegdFz9ZU15sxxxxxxxxxxbCu 58898xxxdc632xxxd0xx64fxxx3b31c0f91xxx5d23fdxxx9ff85xxx15dxxxc35 1

7- stop your GUI wallet if it’s on.

8- copy/paste this line in the masternode.conf file of your pengolincoin folder (/home/USER/.pengolincoin on Linux / In appdata/roaming… on Windows, don’t have the exact path as i don’t use Windows)

9- start your GUI wallet again! And wait for a full sync

10- as soon as the sync is over, click on MASTER NODES tab (left menu) and you’ll see your new Masternode with a MISSING status. Click on start then the status masternode should change from Missing to Enable!

11- check that your masternode is “Enabled” on’s dashboard. Wait a few hours before you receive your first rewards!

12- et voila!


Investor, Advisor, Co-Owner of PengolinCoin

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