Pangolin Community Development Fund & Ecological Partner Program

Dear friends, thank you for your strong support for the Pengolin (PGO) community. Because of you, the PGO community has developed rapidly in the past 50 days, with more than 9,000 overseas communities and more than 2,000 domestic communities. The force has risen thousands of times, becoming one of the most dazzling new stars in anonymous mining coins in 2020.

In the past, community activities and exchange docking issues have received donations from many community volunteers. The mode of relying solely on voluntary donations is no longer enough to meet the funds required for the rapid development of PGO. To break the deadlock, the community decided to establish a PGO community development fund, which is mainly used to expand new well-known exchanges and community development activities. The following incentive measures are now launched:

  1. Donate> 100PGO to the community fund, you can get on the community contribution honor list.
  2. 2. Donate> 1000PGO to the community fund, you can be listed on the community contribution celebrity list, and the community ecological partners will automatically be listed.
  3. 3. Donate> 5000PGO to the community fund, you can board the community contribution list and get a community glory coin PGH.
  4. 4. If the mature blockchain community is willing to cooperate with the PGO community to preach together, and after passing the community inspection, it can become a partner of the community ecological institution. Every 1000 people in the cooperative community can get a community glory coin PGH.

5. Build group sermons on their own, promote more than 500 active users to the community, and pass the community inspection to become active partners of the community’s ecological nature, and get a community glory coin PGH.

6. Hold PGH, enjoy the lifetime glory of the community, and get subsequent airdrop opportunities for high-quality mining coins, and community project promotion opportunities once.

7. All PGH holders can vote together to participate in PGO’s future technology and business development direction, discuss and formulate major decisions, and work with PGO for long-term development.

8. If the PGH holder transfers or transfers the tokens to others, the corresponding rights and honors will be transferred together.

First PGH holders airdrop benefits:

In the near future, the community will airdrop 1 million tokens of a blockchain charity project to PGH holders in the Chinese community, which will be distributed on average according to the number of PGH holdings.

Community Development Fund donation address:


Investor, Advisor, Co-Owner of PengolinCoin

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