PengolinCoin Is Entering the Decentralized Finance Ecosystem and More!

The PengolinCoin team has great news! Wrapped PengolinCoin (wPGO) has been deployed on the Ethereum mainnet successfully. The contract address is: 0x952E116156D4b0ae398c1F85dD7683957be08526. The next step is to list wPGO on Dex exchanges and a swapping tool for wPGO and PGO. PengolinCoin will not only be part of the Decentralized Finance Ecosystem (wPGO) but also provide a privacy gateway option and other features (PGO) for users.

What is wrapped wPGO? Wrapped PGO is simply an ERC20 token that represents the real PGO coin on the Ethereum ecosystem. Having an ERC20 token representation allows PengolinCoin to integrate into the Ethereum ecosystem, which includes wallets, dapps, and smart contracts. What is the use case for wPGO? On the Ethereum ecosystem, wPGO allows the use of a variety of financial instruments already available in DeFi, and decentralized trading on Uniswap. In addition, wPGO allows users to offer Liquidity Pools (know as LPs) to earn additional interest. Finally, users can swap their wPGO for PGO allowing them a privacy gateway, staking, and all the other features of PGO or swap PGO for wPGO so they can participate in the defi ecosystem.

Do you have more questions? Please come to our Discord and ask! Follow the Discord link provided here Thank you.

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Investor, Advisor, Co-Owner of PengolinCoin

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