The Swap Is Over! PengolinCoin (PGO) Is Now Proof of Stake (PoS)!

Greetings fellow Pengolonians! As you may or may not know PengolinCoin has moved from a Proof of Work (PoW) consensus to a Proof of Stake Consensus (PoS). We made this decision for several reasons. First, our original code was old and out dated. We needed to update the code and this could have taken months. Second, PengolinCoin was being dominated by FPGA’s and ASIC miners which leads to decentralization and coin dumping. Finally, we were lucky enough to find and add Alonewolf to the team. Alonewolf is a PIVX blockchain expert and educated us on the advantages of this blockchain and Proof of Stake. The best part is that Alonewolf could complete the new code in a week. The new PengolinCoin code will set the project up for a successful future.

Users are already staking PengolinCoins in their wallets and masternodes are running. Please go to our Discord channel for any questions you may have about staking or setting up a masternode. PengolinCoin also has several partnerships with shared masternode sites. Some of these sites offer different services such as cold node storage and full and partial masternode ownerships. The details are also located in our Discord channel.

What is in PengolinCoin’s future? We intend to add zk-SNARKS and Sapling privacy protocols, add more features to the GUI wallet such as cold storage staking, release an ios and Android mobile wallet, listings on masternode tracking sites and add more top exchanges. So, as you can see there is a lot to look forward to so stay tuned! Finally, a big thanks to our loyal community members that kept their faith and trust in us!

Investor, Advisor, Co-Owner of PengolinCoin

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